Frequently Asked Questions

Every new adventure starts with questions. We’ve answered the most common questions below so you’re armed with all the information you need.

Thick, black hair and sculpted eyebrows frame beautiful, thick eyelashes. The woman is pictured on a dark background wearing a black shirt and has natural makeup and bronzed skin.

Questions About Service

We may accept walk-ins based on our availability. However, we recommend booking your appointment in advance.

New sets take approximately 2 – 2.5 hours and fills range from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the condition of your lashes.

Eyelash extensions last roughly 3-4 weeks before clients require fills.

Yes, but very gently. It is important to not pull any out by mistake.

We use either a silk or synthetic lash

No chewing gum and try to avoid caffeine before your appointment. This prevents your eyes from fluttering during your lash application process.

Allergic reactions are rare but still possible. If you have had previous reactions please notify me before your appointment.

Do not get your lashes wet within 24 hours of your appointment to improve lash retention and give the glue time to fully bond to your lashes. Avoid using oil-based makeup remover as oil does affect the glue. Brush your lashes daily with the wand provided.

For your comfort and safety we recommend removing your lenses during your eyelash extensions or lash lift appointment ( Your eyes will be closed for an extended period ). You can safely put contacts back in afterwards

Questions About Courses

Yes, you’ll receive a complimentary lash kit with your course to help you get started. It includes:

  • 6 Lash Trays
  • 2 Tweezers
  • 1 Tape
  • 1 Adhesive
  • 10 Eye Patches
  • 1 Adhesive Remover
  • 5 Lash Wands

The courses take 1 or 2 days long depending on your course selection. Each day is 8 hours.

Our Lash Samurai course is a 2 day combined course for $1495 . Lash Shogun is a 1 day course covering more advanced techniques for $495

We recommend  the Lash Samurai course as it is a great starting point for aspiring eyelash artists.

Yes, you’ll receive a course completion certificate that you can use to build more credibility and trust with your clients.

Contact Us

If you have questions please get in touch.

P: 587-985-1357

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